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Ferrari Purusangoy SUV price

Today we were able to get some teasers for the new Ferrari Purosangui SUV, which is expected to appear next year 2023. It is expected that this new car will enter into intense competition with the BMW XM and the Lamborghini Urus, and through the next lines we will provide you Some information and general specifications of the new Burusangui.

Ferrari Purusangoy SUV price

The Italian company Ferrari has not yet announced the official price of its new car, the Ferrari Purossangui SUV 2023, but it is expected that the company will announce it as the date of the car’s launch in the market approaches and the start of its delivery to authorized dealers and distributors in all countries.

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Ferrari Purosangui SUV 2023

  • This new car belongs to the SUV category, which attracts the attention of many customers from around the world who love luxury sports cars.
  • This luxury car is based on the Ferrari GTC4Lusso chassis, although Ferrari deliberately concealed the majority of the car’s exterior and placed the camouflage cover on it.

Ferrari Purosangui car specifications

The Italian company Ferrari insisted on adding more excitement and enthusiasm by hiding many details and covering the car with a camouflage cover, but there are some parts that we were able to see, as follows:

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  • The new Ferrari Purusangui SUV appears to have a new, funky hood that is longer than before.
  • The car has a roof line that can be seen to be inspired by the coupe style.
  • This new car comes with a fairly low ground clearance when compared to its other SUV counterparts.
  • The windshield of the car is the only part that has been exposed directly, this glass is aerodynamic and aerodynamic in addition to being very tilted.
  • We can also note that this car has front side windows that are characterized by their small size.
  • Rumors spread that this car will come with five doors, in addition to containing a number of doors in the back, which will be easily controlled.
  • We also noticed what looked like a sporty diffuser or skid plates, which were located between the four exhaust pipes.
  • It is expected that this car will come with large wheels surrounded by wider tires.
  • Despite a lot of mystery that does not show any clear features of the car, the teaser images were able to show the red color that dominates the exterior of the new Purusangui SUV.

Interior Design

The Italian company, Ferrari, has not announced any official details about the specifications of the interior design of the new Ferrari Purusangue SUV, or any of the technologies and equipment in the interior of this car, but it will certainly disclose that information to us at a later time as the date of the launch of the car approaches in The markets, which may be late this year or the beginning of the new year 2023.

mechanical specifications

The manufacturer was keen to add the best engines with very distinctive international specifications to its new car, Purusangui 2023, as follows:

  • We do not yet have confirmed information about the mechanical specifications of the new Ferrari Purusangue SUV 2023, as the company insisted on keeping this information confidential.
  • Some experts expect that this car will depend in its movement on a 12-cylinder engine with a power of about 800 horsepower, and some expect that the company will provide more other versions at a later time, which will depend on a hybrid 8-cylinder engine or another 6-cylinder.
  • We can summarize from the above that this car will get a powerful and distinctive engine that will make the car owner enter into an exciting and enjoyable driving experience.
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