Suzuki Alto

Detailed review Suzuki Alto 2017-Specs, Price, Pros & Cons

Test drive, review and evaluation of the performance and specifications of the Suzuki Alto 2017

Suzuki Alto
Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto 2017

Suzuki brings this year the Suzuki Alto from the small model, which is a new practical small car. Also, at a competitive price, luxuries, safety means and a small motor. And do not forget the car’s wonderful exterior design from the front and from the back, the car achieved the difficult equation for lovers of the small car at a low price. small family car

Engine Performance and Specifications for Suzuki Alto 2017

Suzuki offers the car in Egypt equipped with a 1000 cc engine that generates a horsepower of 68 hp connected to a manual transmission. The engine is of a 3-cylinder category. This category of engines invaded the European market of the most powerful car manufacturers

Stability and Handling of Suzuki Alto 2017

The car is equipped with a suspension system suitable for Egyptian roads. The height of the car is also very suitable to avoid bumps

Interior, exterior and driving impressions of the 2017 Suzuki Alto

The car makes a good impression. Because the car provides accessories and a very competitive price

Suzuki Alto
Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto 2017 value for money

The car comes in the Egyptian market in a single category with a manual transmission. The
price of the car in Egypt is 85,000 Egyptian pounds.
The price of the car is really competitive due to the accessories provided by the car

Suzuki Alto 2017 Maintenance, Warranty and Quality Cover

The quality of the car is not good from the inside. But it is suitable for the price of the car and the accessories it provides

Specifications and safety factors for the Suzuki Alto 2017

The Suzuki car provides many safety measures, the most important of which is that the car contains ABS. Also 2 airbags. Triple seat belts

Interior design of the Suzuki Alto 2017

The interior design of the car is relatively good with the addition of some modern touches to the front dashboard at the general level is acceptable

The spaciousness of the Suzuki Alto 2017

The car provides enough interior space for four adults only, but five becomes cramped. With back storage not bad either

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Suzuki Alto 2017 specifications, accessories and features

The car is equipped with many amenities, including luxuries. 2 airbags. 2 front electric windows. 2 front speakers. MP3 player AUX output. conditioning. Center Lock.

Pros of Suzuki Alto

  • The Suzuki Alto is distinguished by its economical price that suits everyone, as it is distinguished by its reliability.
  • The small engine capacity of 800 cc made it extremely fuel efficient as it consumes 6.2 liters per hundred liters.
  • The transmission in it consisted of five gears and it did not show any malfunctions and its maintenance is easy.
  • It has a central locking system for the doors and an anti-theft device.
  • It is one of the easiest cars to park in tight spaces, which helps in its small size.
  • Availability of spare parts in all places at reasonable economic prices.
  • The prices for periodic maintenance of the car are low, so it is the cheapest and most economical in its price category.
Suzuki Alto
Suzuki Alto

Cons of Suzuki Alto

  • The small size of the car from the inside, due to its small size.
  • Not having a lot of storage space in the car.
  • The car does not have any technology which is outdated.
  • The lack of stability, especially after the speed of 100 km / m.
  • The Suzuki Alto is not intended for long-distance travel, it is primarily a city car and only travels close distances.
  • The inner material is made entirely of plastic which makes it deteriorate quickly.
  • poor insulation; Because all external sounds are audible as well as the sound of the engine.
  • In the rear seats, it can only accommodate two people, and if they are tall, the seating is uncomfortable, as it is more suitable for a small family.
  • The car’s lighting is weak and there are no xenon lanterns in it, which is annoying on dark roads.

Suzuki Alto prices

  • The price of the 2016 Suzuki Alto in Egypt ranges from 87 thousand to 90 thousand Egyptian pounds, depending on its condition.
  • Suzuki Alto 2017 model, its price in Egypt ranges from 92,000 to 95,000 pounds.
  • Its price in the UAE ranges from 6000 dirhams to 8000 dirhams.
  • Suzuki Alto is not available in Saudi Arabia.

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