ferrari sp48 unica

The unveiling of the new Ferrari SP48 Unica

Ferrari, the leading car manufacturer, announced the launch of the new Ferrari SP48, a unique version of its kind. It comes with a distinctive, streamlined design with an orange look and touches of black on the front fascia as well as the roof as well as the rear spoiler, in addition to the engine power.

The new Ferrari SP48

The Ferrari P48 comes with a distinctive front end that includes headlights, a beautiful lower grille inspired by the Roma Gran Tourer, in addition to the front cover that comes with deep slots, and you will find that the windshield will be wrapped around the car with darkening pillars.

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The presence of the usual four lights continued, but the company did not mention any information about the engine, but it is believed that it will keep the V8 engine of its sister, which generates 710 horsepower, the rear of the car is distinctive, it was provided with an LED light strip

Ferrari SP48 price

Its The SP48 was created for a long-time Ferrari buyer, and there’s no word on price, but we imagine it was a hefty sum on top of the F8’s $283,950 

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