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The unveiling of the Ferrari 296 GTS with a bold design

The open-top Ferrari 296 GTS comes with a wide range of modern systems and technologies, in addition to a modern design that combines rigidity and advanced technology, as well as the power of the engine that gives ideal driving on various roads.

Ferrari 296 GTS

The Ferrari 296 GTS is equipped with a tilting roof that can fold in 14 seconds, and the company has also manufactured a lightweight car weighing 1,400 kg, in addition to the bold sporty design, and the tires are designed with high quality.

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Ferrari 296 GTS engine

The car comes with a powerful 3.0-liter V6 engine, capable of 654 hp, as well as a hybrid system with 819 hp, in addition to an electric range of 25 km, at a speed of 135 km / h, it can start from a standstill position up to 100 km / h within a period of time It is 2.9 seconds.

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