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3 documents required in the process of renting a car in USA

The Public Transport Authority in the USA has clarified the documents required during the car rental process from one of the licensed offices, noting that when the office requests additional documents or if the customer signs papers other than the electronic rental contract, it is considered a violation.

Through her tweet on the social networking site “Twitter”, on the sidelines of the “I know your right” paragraph, the Public Transport Authority indicated three documents required in order to complete the rental process from one of the licensed car rental offices, and this is the subject of our conversation.

The Public Transport Authority clarifies 3 documents in the car rental process

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The Public Transport Authority clarified the documents and papers required to be prepared in order to complete the car rental process , which came as follows:

  1. Submit proof of national identity.
  2. It is necessary to bring a driver’s license.
  3. Also, all conditions of insurance coverage must apply to the tenant.

Important alert from the Public Transport Authority when renting a car

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In addition to the above, the Public Transport Authority drew attention to a set of warnings that must be well taken into account so that the person is not subjected to punishment, as it said that it is considered a violation of the following:

If the leasing office requires any other additional documents in order to complete the leasing process.

When requiring the beneficiary to sign documents and papers other than the electronic leasing contract.

The Public Transport Authority obliges car rental offices to implement the unified electronic contract

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In the same regard, the Public Transport Authority confirmed earlier that the standard car rental contract is one of the tools for regulation and development, as the authority indicated that it seeks through the application of such electronic contracts to preserve all rights of the parties to the rental process, as well as raise the level of transparency. and improve the user experience to the fullest.

For its part, the authority also stressed the obligation of all licensed car rental offices to conclude this unified electronic contract, in addition to the customer not signing any of the additional papers or documents other than this contract.

The application of the uniform for public taxi drivers

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We cannot fail to note that the Public Transport Authority had previously announced the application of a dedicated uniform for drivers of public taxis, private fare, and airport fare, as well as drivers of the passenger transport application, starting from the beginning of next July 12.

This decision came after it became a basic requirement for the practice of such activities in accordance with the provisions of the regulation governing the activity of taxis, taxi intermediaries and guidance, where the regulation stipulated that among the violations and penalties for not providing the approved uniform to the driver is the imposition of a fine of 500 .

The regulation also obligates large taxi companies to provide a uniform for drivers, provided that the latter is approved by the Public Transport Authority, and is worn while performing work as of next July 12.

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